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Thanks for stopping by and visiting my new blog! Some of you may be wondering why I’ve abandoned my ‘Tiny Toes and Healthy Glows’ blog and setup a new one. Without boring you to death with all of the details, it’s mainly due to me re-evaluating the purpose and direction of my blog. Additionally, I decided that my interests and intentions had become somewhat blurred. Everything was clouded by what I thought I should be posting rather than what I truly felt passionate about. I started blogging about healthy eating and then I started writing about life as a mum, then skincare and then beauty. My arms were pulled in too many directions to convey a true sense of authenticity and purpose.

I’ve done some reflecting (always a good exercise when you need to focus your mind). I’ve decided to go back to what i’m passionate about – food and healthy lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about being a mum. My daughter is my whole world. However, I’ve decided I’d rather minimise how much I share about Molly online. Especially as she can’t voice her own choices and opinions. My previous blog taught me a lot about blogging and everything I’ve learnt I will apply to this new venture.

So what exactly will my healthy eating blog entail? The idea of ‘Healthy Weekdays’ is to encourage everyone (particularly families) to adopt a healthy lifestyle – eating only healthy foods during the week. This will encourage people to eat more fruit and veg, less meat and cut down on refined sugars and junk food. My philosophy is to stay on track Monday to Friday so you can enjoy that pizza and glass of wine at the weekend. It actually makes you enjoy and savour the ‘naughty’ foods much more. Life is too short to cut out all of those foods you really love, but it’s about moderation. The idea of having something delicious to look forward to at the weekend should motivate you to stick to healthy foods during the week. It isn’t about being skinny or looking a certain way, it’s about improving health and overall well-being. My blog will be full of healthy midweek meal ideas, tips on staying healthy and practising mindfulness to nurture your soul.

Big love x

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